Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 31

Every year I pass this group of snowdrops up on the bank near Pullabrook woods.  I look up at them against the trees and the sky which is particularly good as one seldom looks up at snowdrops.  The last day … Continue reading

January 30

Went for a walk in the woods high up in Lustleigh Cleave this evening and as the sun went down behind the hills the colour of the silver birch became a warm purple brown.    As I started to draw … Continue reading

January 29

Heavy showers, snow, biting winds, sun, blue sky……… but in spite of this found a bank of Celandines in flower. I think this is the earliest I have ever seen them. A couple of lines from Wordsworth.  

January 28

It was almost dark by the time I went for a walk today, so I grabbed a stick from the hedge and did this five minute drawing.    A pair of foxes ran by and over the bank, which was … Continue reading

January 27

A very messy drawing!    Wonderful day… like spring. Warm sun, blue sky and deep shadows.   This line of trees against the sun looked dramatic.      

January 26

A bunch of tulips that I bought from my favourite flower shop today  

January 25

These are the first signs of spring for me, the bright young leaves on the honeysuckle twigs and the yellow hazel catkins.      

January 24

Today I went to London to visit the London Art Fair at Islington.  Jonathan had some of my work hanging on his stand and this was a very nice comment in his visitor’s book.   I did wonder about changing … Continue reading

January 23

There was a hard frost this morning and almost hidden in the grass were a whole group of daffodil leaves with this one plump bud  decorated with ice crystals. They looked very determined.    

January 22

Feel very uninspired today.   I did notice on my walk this morning that there was a  silvery quality to the light so have tried to paint that. The subtlety of it is rather lost in the scanning.