Monthly Archives: February 2015

February 27

Bright sun, blue sky, deep shadows.   Loved the patterns that made on this stream and the field and the peaty colours of the water.  

February 26

Dog’s mercury.   In spite of it being an invasive plant, poisonous and with a rather unpleasant smell, I really like the drifts of this unobtrusive little flower in the woods and hedgerows in early spring.  

February 25

Spent my first whole day in the garden today moving things and generally planning for the summer.   The sun was shining and all the Hellebores were in flower.  Picked some flower heads and floated them in a bowl of … Continue reading

February 24

A Red Admiral butterfly was being thrown about by the strong wind so hardly got more than a glimpse of it.   It settled in the sunshine on the house wall for a moment, so these are very quick sketches. … Continue reading

February 23

A rapid study in blue and yellow between sunshine and very heavy showers.  

February 22

It certainly wasn’t like spring today, being cold and wet and dismal all day after a  promising start early this morning. Nothing seemed to stand out until I noticed all these beautiful ferns.   They were such a fresh green. … Continue reading

February 21

Listening to the river I was remembering swimming here last summer.   Out of the wind and in the sun today it felt warm, but not quite summer yet.  

February 20

I put these daffodils into one of my jugs made by Jane Wellens.   I love the yellow with the blue and it is one of my favourite of her designs.  

February 19

This is a rather unobtrusive flower and it is the leaves you tend to notice first.   They are sweet smelling, slightly like aniseed I think, and are very beautiful when you look at them closely.  

February 18

I picked some sprigs of Daphe odora this morning and they are in a pot on my desk.  The scent  fills the room.   There is something about winter flowers that  smell so sweet, they are very special.