Monthly Archives: March 2015

March 31

Have to finish the month on a cheerful note.   Dandelions are my favourite flowers at this time of year. Seeing them brightening up the road verges and other marginal pieces of waste land is a wonderful sight and I … Continue reading

March 30

Today is a black day.   I went to Trendlebere down to find the whole valley has been burned. It is a place I have visited so many times, spent so many days painting sitting in the sun among the … Continue reading

March 29

A gale blowing up on the moor, went to the old quarry at Haytor and did a very quick drawing in a slightly more sheltered spot.

March 28

Although it is so grey and cold, the woods are well into spring. I saw well formed buds of early purple orchid today and a lovely patch of dog violets.   The Wood sorrel is in flower too and there … Continue reading

March 27

Grey cold day, doesn’t feel much like spring.   The garden though is ablaze with miniature daffodils and looks so cheerful and utterly wonderful.  

March 25 and 26

I went to London for a couple of days and these are some very quick sketches coming back on the train.  They begin with a river just outside Reading, then a hedgerow with lovely red buds and then a strip … Continue reading

March 24

Saw this group of wild daffodils by the river.   The sun cast deep indigo  shadows in the water behind them and the stones in the river were golden brown.   The yellow daffodils shone so brightly.

March 23

I sat by the river this afternoon and made this small drawing of primroses in memory of Charlotte. The beauty, strength and tenacity of those flowers seem a fitting tribute.      

March 22

I love these flowers, there is a patch of them in the garden and the blue is so intense, wonderful among the yellow daffodils.  I put some of them in another of Jane’s jugs.  

March 21

Spring solstice.   Went to Bone hill rocks again and sat in the afternoon sun. Warmth and total silence. Swailing in the distance over Widdicombe, otherwise clear blue sky. Perfect.