Monthly Archives: May 2015

May 29

For Jude on her birthday  

May 29

A Dartmoor stream.  

May 28

Bluebells are finally out at Emsworthy Mire and within the dry stone walls all the fields are blue.  There is no bracken to disturb the colour so it really is an incredible sight.  There was bright sun and cloud today … Continue reading

May 27

Climbed right to the top of Lustleigh Cleave.  Rather dull evening. Creamy blossoms of elder flowers and the distant Tor.  

May 26

Picked a bunch of wild flowers and sat by the river with a friend.  

May 25

Early morning sun, the distant sea from Heytor rocks    

May 24

Drypoint etching of Holwell lawn, bluebells, looking towards Saddle Torr      

May 23

Yellow flag iris growing by the lake in Parke today.  

May 22

A very bad picture of Saddle Torr.  Just wasn’t in the mood for drawing today.      

Now is the moment for daisies