Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 30

I tasted one of the peaches grown in my neighbour’s garden the other day.   You forget how delicious fruit can be when grown and ripened properly.  So much of it looks good but has absolutely no flavour.

July 29

River Dart  late afternoon sun, yellow trees, the power of the water over rocks, deep notes, deep shadows.

July 28

Here comes the sun.   Sat by the river and enjoyed the heat with the sound of the water.   A large Fritillary settled on some Hemp Agrimony nearby.  It sat for quite a long time while I drew this. … Continue reading

July 27

It has rained all day but even on a cold grey wet day there is always something to lift the spirit.  

July 26

Like yesterday, it was hard to discern what was bank and what was river.  Today though the water was dark brown and peaty because of the heavy rainfall over the moor and under the shadow of the trees everything was … Continue reading

July 25

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to paint today and then went to the river to let Apple have a swim. The sun was shining through the trees on to the water so that it was hard to see any … Continue reading

July 24

There were several of these enormous bracket fungus growing on an old ash tree that had come down in the gales last winter.   They looked  like loaves of bread or pizzas.  

July 23

I have a rambler rose that covers a pleached hedge and rambles up a beech tree.  It has large clusters of small single flowers, white with a slight hint of pale pink in the young flowers and bright red/pink buds. … Continue reading

July 22

Rosebay willowherb is one of my favourite flowers. You usually see large areas of it and the tall spikes of vibrant magenta flowers are very striking. It also produces the most dramatic seed heads which curve and twist and are … Continue reading

July 21

Bought this gorgeous bunch of coloured baby beetroot today at Riverford Farm shop and just had to do a quick painting of them before cooking them.