Monthly Archives: August 2015

30 August

Leaves on the Beech trees beginning to turn.   An extremely quick impression.

29 August

It is a  grey, rather dull drizzly evening and walking by the river I notice these brilliant yellow and orange Montbretia growing wild.   They look so vibrant in the general gloom I just want to paint the colour.  

28 August

Very special walk through Hisley wood, crossing the river at the old packhorse bridge and returning through Pullabrook wood.  New friends and old friends.  

27 August

Beautiful morning, sunshine, no wind and dry.   After the rain the grass was covered with sparkling cobwebs.  Began drawing them and it immediately poured and I got soaked so this is just a quick impression. The memory is still … Continue reading

26 August

A moment of bright sun after heavy showers, I am looking at the silver birch in the sunlight with very dark shadows, blue sky beyond,  white and dark grey clouds,  the gorse brilliant yellow in the sun.   I don’t … Continue reading

25 August

Coming back along the lane I saw a group of these beside the river. They are Boletus, but not sure which one. Edible probably.  

24 August

I found quite a lot of these growing on Bovey Heath today.   I think they are an Amanita type but not sure which one.  They were growing in grass on the heath, with some silver birch nearby.  

23 August

After the heavy rain, the sun came out over the moor and shining through the bracken turned it to brilliant orange and yellow,  

22 August

Had a very busy day, so this is a ten minute scribble of a jug of pinks on my desk.  

August 21

I love these flowers. If they were not such a rampant weed in the garden they would be grown for their beauty. The brilliant white flowers gleam against the dark of the hedge.