Monthly Archives: September 2015

28 September

Back in Devon and by the river again. Good to be home.   These silver birch looked so golden yellow against the blue of the sky, although they looked much lighter and more delicate than my drawing. There was a … Continue reading

27 September

Sitting on the cliffs above Caerfai bay.   Hot sun, glare on the water, sound of the surf,children playing below, birds.   Last evening after painting, new friends and future plans.  

26 september

Porth Clais early morning. Bright sun on the sea, scrubby hawthorn trees black against the light, scarlet bramble leaves  

25 september

Sitting on the cliffs above the harbour at Porth Clais.  

24 September

Arrived in St Davids. Sun shining and quite warm.  Unpacked and then went out and did a very very quick drawing just as the sun was setting over the St David’s lighthouse. couldn’t find the right colours in time but … Continue reading

23 september

This is a section of the 18 miles of old stone railway that used to take the stone from the quarry at Heytor down to the sea.   This is a very quick sketch of where it passes through a … Continue reading

22 september

Discovered an old orchard today. The trees looked very ancient and were almost completely covered with lichen.  Most of the activity was at the tops of the trees and a few had bright red apples lingering on. Because of the … Continue reading

21 september

There are a great many of these Physalis growing in the garden this year.   They are a wonderful glowing orange red so beautiful offset against the green of the leaves.  

20 september

I can’t resist the colour of these Fly Agaric.  I saw this rather perfect one growing at the top of a bank. The sun was just catching it and the birch leaves behind.  

19 september

The heather up on the moor was such an intense magenta pink, but it looks a bit lurid in my sketch.