Monthly Archives: October 2015

26 October

Walking through Hisley wood I came across a camp with two men who had been using these working horses to do some logging. The brown one with the light mane and tail is a Belgium Brabant. It all looked very … Continue reading

25 October

Found lots of these fungi growing under and around a pile of dead wood. I don’t know what they are but they are a rather nice glowing orange brown colour.  

24 October

Clouds finally lifting after a very dark gloomy morning. Slivers of light against a dark horizon.  

23 October

Luminous yellow and orange of the Parrot Wax Cap mushroom among the grass in Parke today.  

22 October

Gloomy evening, gloomy river, gloomy drawing. Sometimes I don’t like the drawing but it was part of my plan that they would get posted whatever.   Tried something different which didn’t work.  

Sketching evening at the Devon Guild

I participated in an evening of sketching workshops at the Devon Guild last night, delicious buffet included. The introduction to the iPad apps was especially interesting and will do more of those.   Anita Reynolds was there with her new … Continue reading

21 October

Woods just off the Templar way up on Dartmoor. Beech leaves glowing yellow and orange even in a rather dull light.  

20 october

Trendlebere down with the sun setting.   It is still quite blackened from the fire but most of it is now golden with the bracken. Very little bird or insect life.  

19 October

Sitting by the lake with Peter in the hot autumn sun.  

18 October

It is a very still grey day today. I collected these brilliantly colour things as I walked up the path and am sitting on top of the hill  drawing them.  The buzzard is mewing but other than that there is … Continue reading