Monthly Archives: November 2015

23 november

Rose hips brilliant red against the pale blue grey of the moors, dry spiky branches bleached with cold and golden brown grasses against the dark gorse.   I love these colours.  

22nd november

Apple looking wistfully up the drive after the course had finished and the last car had disappeared.  

22 november

I went for a walk with Apple after the course had finished and everyone had gone.   The sun was setting and I did this very fast drawing of the sun over the water.   Then I lost my car … Continue reading

21 november

A young silver birch, only about ten feet high, but with leaves ranging from yellow through to gold still hanging on the thin branches. The sun was shining through them and it looked like a magical christmas tree.  

20 november

I bought some orchids for the recent course and they were on the windowsill. This one was a wonderful mixture of pink red, scarlet and magenta with the sun shining through the flowers.  

19 november

I found a large colony of these parasol mushrooms in the grass under an old chestnut tree. They always remind me of Mexican hats.      

18 november

A truly terrible drawing of the river.  

17 november

Yesterday there was the most perfect rose hanging over my archway, today after the gales last night this is what’s left of it.  

16 november

15 november

Lots of roses flowering still which is surprising considering the wet and windy weather. Most of them are absolutely perfect and still have a beautiful scent.  Did a quick drawing of a couple of them.