Monthly Archives: December 2015

29 December

Five minute drawing of the river, holly tree and fading light.  

28 December

Burnt Sienna, ochres, Violets, greys and Caput Mortuum, the only colour to describe Silver birch buds at this time of year. Unseasonably warm for december.  Sitting by the stream, apart from the colours, it could be spring.      

27 December

Visited Mattiscombe, almost a year since my last visit back in january.  Full circle. Rough sea and rather grey but alive and invigorating.  

26 December

We did some monotype today and this is an impression of the moor.

25 December

Christmas day. Good food and good company.   This years Christmas card of Ben and Bella  

24 December

Christmas eve, blue sky and sunshine.   The sunshine was catching the movement of the stream under the trees.  

23 December

Woke at 2.30 and couldn’t sleep so spent a couple of hours in the studio. This is one of the white roses I bought yesterday at my favourite shop in Totnes. They have a wonderful perfume.  

22 December

A beautiful evening walk in the lanes near Chagford. Last of the light reflecting on the wet road and a distant cottage.  

21 December

I have subscribe to Chagfoods organic vegetable scheme.   A selection of organic winter vegetables. Delicious.    

20 December

Slapton Ley, rain across the sea.