Monthly Archives: February 2016

26 february

First of three quick sketches done from fast moving train on way to Paddington.  

25 february

First wild daffodils in Hisley wood.  

24 february

Celandines shining out among the ivy and winter leaves and the woods are filled with Dog’s mercury. Both flowers a real sign of spring.  

23 february

I have so little time at the moment so this drawing is extremely quick.   The trees seem to look bleached at this time of year and I love their colour against the blue of the sky.    Not sure … Continue reading

22 february

My cow drawing skills need a little honing.   They were outlined in light against the dark mud of the field and I tried to do a quick drawing. They  moved almost immediately and  ambled over to where I am … Continue reading

21 February

Silver birch in the morning sunshine.   Today has been almost like summer, really warm, blue sky, no wind and no rain for once.  

20 February

These are the marks of an experience rather than a drawing… I have just found this miniature Holly tree growing out of a mossy stone. It has been much nibble by sheep or ponies and bits of its branches are … Continue reading

18 February

Early morning at Heytor Quarry. Sun, no wind.   Unexpected meeting…..    

Snowdrops and and some other prints.

Passing some woods near Totnes today, I stopped to admire drifts of snowdrops growing among the ivy. I think this is how snowdrops look their best. The flowers appeared so bright against the dark green of the ivy and the … Continue reading

30 January

I am sitting by the stream and it is almost dark yet the colours seem quite luminous.  There is a small beech tree still full with leaves the colour of Burnt sienna.