Monthly Archives: March 2016

28 march

Snake’s head fritillaries growing in my garden.  

27 march

Two minutes sunshine between heavy rain makes painting watercolour quite tricky.   The sun was gleaming on the gorse and the trunks of the trees and was throwing very strong diagonal shadows on the grass. The branches were purple brown … Continue reading

26 march

There grew Pied Wind-flowers and violets.  

25 march

Cerulean, cobalt, cadmium yellow and burnt umber.  The ash tree catching the sun, celandines and striped shadows in the orchard.   Almost a summer morning.  

24 march

When Gorse is out…………… I am in danger of repeating myself.  

23 march

These are the fattest hazel catkins I have ever seen. I found them on Haldon heath on my way back from Apple’s acupuncture session.  

22 march

A few bits and pieces I collected on my walk today. The brilliant red of these tiny fungi look amazing at this time of year.    There seem to be quite a lot of them around.    

21 march

My new Schmincke sketching box with tubes instead of pans. A rather odd selection of colours I think, for me anyway.   I wish you could buy the box and select your own colours.  

20 march

I am sitting in a path leading into the wood and it is lined with primroses.   I love the colour of the flowers with the leaves, the dead bracken stalks and the dark bramble leaves that are indigo/purple, with … Continue reading

19 march

We all enjoyed some delicious champagne on the last night of the course.