Monthly Archives: April 2016

New very large painting

Just finished this, 138 x 178 cms.   Has yet to be stretched.  

14 April

I am sitting in the sun out of the wind looking up at the intense blue sky and I like the colours, the bleached trunks of the trees, the ivy, the undergrowth and the various greys browns and ochres. What … Continue reading

13 April

The water is such an intense blue under the trees, probably a bit more indigo but I like the trees against the colour of it. this is a rubbish drawing.      

12 April

Colours very saturated, crimson, burnt sienna, yellows, gold and deep green under the silver birch.  Cerulean sky in the distance.  

11 April

Quick sketch of violets growing under the bank of the stream today.  

10 April

Just a doodle while sitting by the stream on Trendlebeare down. I like the indigo of the water and the pale naples yellow of the dried grasses.  

9 April

I am sitting in the sun among the wild daffodils in Hisley wood listening to the birdsong and the river. I so much prefer wild daffodils to cultivated ones.  

8 April

I am sitting in the grass among the wild daffodils and a large Devil’s coach-horse beetle seems to have walked out of my a paint box.  It is making its way through the daffodil leaves in front of me.  

7 April

A two minute drawing of my neighbour’s magnolia tree which is just coming into flower.  I love the colours, pale pink and magenta and white of the flowers with the greenish ochre buds against the dark trees behind.  It is … Continue reading

6 April

A rather grey day on Bovey Heath, beautiful subtle colours though.