Monthly Archives: August 2016

16 August

Sitting in the field in the hot sun and drawing my memory of a gorgeous swim in the river. ┬áThis has to be the most perfect place on earth.  

15 August

Rowan berries in the afternoon sun. Quick sketch as we are being pursued by ponies.  

14 August

Another experimental oil. Sitting in the sun by the river after swimming.      

13 August

Early morning, Dartmoor. Cotton grass against the sun  

12 August

Early morning, strong shadows. Stream and wild flowers  

11 August

Colours on Trendlebere down.  

10 August

Colours and light. Dartmoor. Afternoon sun.  

9 August

Experimenting with oils. Dartmoor early morning by the dancing stream.  

8 August

Picnic with a friend at Mattiscombe sands  

7 August

Mist and light rain, early morning trendlebere down.