Monthly Archives: January 2017

8 January

Hazel catkins….. a cheerful sign of the waiting spring.  

7 January

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.  

6 January

Walking in the soft Devon mizzle, as I did today, I was thinking about the benefits to the skin of all that moisture.   It costs nothing, is very effective and I am surprised no one has thought of marketing … Continue reading

5 January

The red sun  

4 January

Today was a dark day.      

3 January

Friendship is a slow ripening fruit  

2 January

It is strange calling an aching back pleasure but today I planted hundreds of tulip bulbs and had great pleasure looking forward to the spring and imagining them in flower. A female blackbird helped turn over the soil and she … Continue reading

January 1

This evening I was walking in the Pine woods in the dying light of a gloomy day.  Looking up I noticed a deer standing silently watching me through the trees. Quite why I noticed it I can’t say because it … Continue reading

New year. Daily reflections on the gladness of ordinary things.

This  bowl, turned by Adam Cornish from a piece of bole oak, was given to me this Christmas by some very special friends. I can see pictures in the grain and have great pleasure in feeling the different surfaces and … Continue reading