7 January

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.



6 January

Walking in the soft Devon mizzle, as I did today, I was thinking about the benefits to the skin of all that moisture.   It costs nothing, is very effective and I am surprised no one has thought of marketing it.



5 January

The red sun


november 13.web

4 January

Today was a dark day.


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3 January

Friendship is a slow ripening fruit


Picture 4754

2 January

It is strange calling an aching back pleasure but today I planted hundreds of tulip bulbs and had great pleasure looking forward to the spring and imagining them in flower. A female blackbird helped turn over the soil and she was so close I could have touched her.   Every year I do a mass planting of tulips.


Tulips for blog

January 1

This evening I was walking in the Pine woods in the dying light of a gloomy day.  Looking up I noticed a deer standing silently watching me through the trees. Quite why I noticed it I can’t say because it was almost indistinguishable in colour from the trees and bracken. There is something so primitive in the way we are so acutely tuned to recognise shapes and pick out any irregularities.  We watched each other for a while, then the deer turned her head and I felt she wanted to go. I looked away then but caught sight of her as she disappeared.   I felt very privileged for the encounter.


January 1. web

New year. Daily reflections on the gladness of ordinary things.

This  bowl, turned by Adam Cornish from a piece of bole oak, was given to me this Christmas by some very special friends. I can see pictures in the grain and have great pleasure in feeling the different surfaces and textures of the wood.   It is a living thing telling so many stories.




Acrylic on paper. 102 x 110 cm




I have now put up the dates for two courses next year.  One in June, 7 – 11, and the other in november 15 – 19.   June is the month of wild flowers, roses and luscious summer flowers, long daylight hours and hopefully sunshine.   The course is already half full.   November is also a wonderful month, quite different to june, and at this time it is about fruits and berries, late flowers and log fires.