These are all handmade, hand printed, original works, they are not reproductions of existing paintings. Etching and Drypoint are both forms of intaglio print. An etching is made by the use of metal dipped into acid, and a drypoint by the scoring of marks on to metal or plastic without the use of acid. An edition is printed of the image and the results from etching and drypoint can be similar.

A monotype is a unique print, i.e., there is only one of them. An image is made on a surface, in Rosie’s case with rollers, rags, brushes, or sticks on to plastic, and the image is passed through the press. The ink is transferred on to the paper. Occasionally there is sufficient ink remaining on the plate and a ‘ghost print’ can be made and worked on to make a separate unique print. It is not possible to replicate a monotype.