Painting course with single occupancy en suite or private shower accommodation. Full board – five nights including bed and breakfast, dinner with wine, teas and coffees.
Price £750 per person

Painting course only. This includes teas and coffees.
Price £350  per person

Lunch will be taken at The Devon Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey a short walk from Front house. Everything there is freshly made, soups and hot dishes, flans, salads, freshly baked cakes and pastries. The price of lunch is not included in the course.


EXPRESSIVE DRAWING  Sunday 15 March – Friday 20 March. Maximum 5 residential participants DUE TO CANCELLATION ONE PLACE AVAILABLE

Arrival on Sunday between 5 – 7 pm for dinner at 8 pm, Departure after breakfast on Friday

On this course we will explore a variety of monochromatic mediums. The intention will be to work quickly, pushing the boundaries of line and mark making within the forms of flowers and plants. We will explore what inspires us and how we might translate that in different ways from careful observation to more expressive mark making.  There will be an opportunity of trying drypoint printmaking and offset drawing processes.,

Apart from being a wonderfully expressive direct medium, good drawing is the foundation of good painting. In Botanical art, good drawing is essential and the ability to see and understand can be achieved through drawing. It helps with the interpretation of tonal values as well as textures and plant structures.

Materials to bring.  Graphite pencils. 9B woodless pencil. Black water-soluble pencil soft. Charcoal. Kneaded rubber. thick grade watercolour paper, rough and smooth. Cartridge paper. Apron.

PAINTING ROSES  Sunday 14 June – Friday 19 June. Maximum 5 residential participants  COURSE NOW FULL.

Sunday 28 June – Friday 3 July. Maximum 5 residential participants. COURSE NOW FULL

Arrival on Sunday between 5 – 7 pm for dinner at 8 pm. Departure after breakfast on Friday.

June is the month when roses are in their prime. This course will focus on painting roses in all their forms from bud through the open flower to the wonderful shapes and colours of the blown rose. The idea will be to achieve a painting and not a photographic replica and we will try different paper textures and various painting techniques to achieve this. It will be a place to explore, experiment and push the boundaries of conventional botanical studies of roses. So much of a good painting depends on the tonal values and strength of colour, so we will be concentrating on firstly seeing these tones and colours and then mixing them. Weather permitting it will be a good opportunity to do quick watercolour paintings in the garden, painting the flowers in situ. This helps so much with the understanding of flowers and bringing some of their personality into the painting.

Materials to bring. Watercolour paints. Watercolour brushes. Sketchbook. Watercolour paper, sheets or pads. Different weights and textures if possible. Pencils and rubber. Previous rose paintings or sketches if you wish.

BOTANICAL FRUIT AND FUNGI  Sunday 18 October – Friday 23 October. Maximum 5 residential participants COURSE NOW FULL

Arrival on Sunday between 5 – 7 pm for dinner at 8 pm. Departure after breakfast on Friday.

This course will focus on a more traditional approach to botanical painting. Particular attention will be made to making the painting look three dimensional by concentrating on highlights, tonal values, colour and the edges of subjects. The intention will be to draw from life and not photographs, this leads to a far greater understanding of the subject and is an essential part of the practice of Botanical painting. There will also be a focus on leaves.  There will be an opportunity to try monotype printmaking. This can be a very effective and quick way to work out ideas for future paintings and it is great fun to do.

Materials to bring.   Watercolour paints. Brushes. Watercolour papers of various weights and textures. Pencils, rubber, Sketchbook. Apron.


Course with single occupancy accommodation. Two full days painting.   Full board – two nights including en-suite room, bed and breakfast, lunch, dinner with wine, teas and coffees.
Price £950  (third night at no extra cost if it makes travel easier.)

Partners who are not painting are welcome at £120 per night full board.  Masterclasses only.